1,923 Days Since Hartford Consensus Stated -“No one should die from uncontrolled bleeding.”-During Mass Casualty Events- But USPP Still Lacks Essential Resources

1,923 Days have passed since- The Hartford Consensus II CALL TO ACTION- “No one should die from uncontrolled bleeding. Preventable death after an active shooter or an intentional mass-casualty event should be eliminated through the use of a seamless, integrated response system.” The Hartford Consensus was a committee created to create a “National Policy to Enhance Survivability From Mass-Casualty Shooting Events”. They issued the following call to action on July 11, 2013. Review the  PDF (5-pages) of their CALL-TO-ACTION:
 The Consensus wanted Law Enforcement to accomplish the following goals:


  • Establish External hemorrhage control as a core law enforcement skill
  • Identify appropriate external hemorrhage control training for law enforcement officers
  • Ensure appropriate equipment, such as tourniquets and hemostatic dressings, is available to every law enforcement officer
  • Ensure assessment and triage of victims with possible internal hemorrhage for immediate evacuation to a dedicated trauma hospital
  • Train all law enforcement officers to assist EMS/fire/ rescue in the evacuation of the injured
Sadly, the National Park Service hasn’t provided the USPP with the staffing, medical equipment [e.g. medically certified tourniquets], and training needed to effectively respond to mass casualty incidents. Immediate action must be taken to fix this reckless NPS policy.