Ofc. Ivan W. Thompson


On June 14, 1940, Officer Thompson stopped a subject, later identified as Clarence Blocker, 23, for a traffic violation at First and I streets NE Washington, DC. Officer Thompson was off duty and en route to his home after working a detail for the visit of President Roosevelt to Potomac Park.

As he attempted to arrest Blocker a fight ensued. Officer Thompson was able to subdue Blocker at first, but moments later the suspect started fighting again. Thompson removed his service revolver and fired one shot into the ground. The suspect grabbed Thompson’s wrist and was able to wrestle the gun away from Thompson. Blocker shot Thompson five times.

Blocker was arrested a short distance away by a Metropolitan Police Officer E.T. Wade after Officer Wade fired a shot at him. The suspect continued to fight, and additional help had to be called in to subdue Blocker.

Blocker was indicted on June 19, 1940, for the first-degree murder of Officer Thompson. On Oct.23, 1940, Clarence Blocker was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder in the District Court. On March 6, 1941, Clarence Blocker was judged to be insane before Justice F. Dickinson Letts.

We honor his service and commitment to duty.