Ofc. Milo J. Kennedy


Officer Milo John Kennedy was on night foot patrol on August 7, 1932, Officer Kennedy observed a group of gang members in Logan Circle Park in Washington, D.C. When he neared the group, one of the gang members threw a rock at Officer Kennedy. Officer Kennedy immediately arrested the rock thrower.

While he was walking his prisoner to the call box, Officer Kennedy was viciously assaulted by another member of the gang. This individual hurled a brick at Officer Kennedy striking him in the head. The blow knocked him unconscious, and he collapsed. While Officer Kennedy lay helpless on the ground, a gang with as many as 15 individuals began beating him savagely. Officer Kennedy died the next day at Garfield Memorial Hospital (11th St. and Florida Ave., NW, Washington, DC) from the terrible injuries inflicted by the mob.

Justice was swift, five individuals admitted taking part in the brutal attack. Three were charged with being accessories to murder. Within months, three other men were convicted of first-degree murder. Two years later they were executed in the D.C. Jail’s electric chair. Officer Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. He was 28 years old, and a 5 year veteran of the Force.

We honor his service and commitment to duty.