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DOI Secretary Haaland’s Support Requested for USPP Mission and Officers

On June 27, 2022, we sent the following letter to DOI Secretary Deb Haaland asking her to support fixing the United States Park Police’s operational readiness issues that are endangering NPS visitors and officers:

The United States Park Police is Hiring – MANY OPENINGS (SF/DC/NY)

The United States Park Police is hiring. Many openings in DC, NY, and San Francisco. Applications are being accepted until June 14, 2023. Applications Accepted Until June 14, 2023 YOU HAVE

NPS and USPP spokespersons’ dismissal of the USPPFOP’s Safety Warning for San Francisco NPS Areas Ignores Reality – OUR RESPONSE

(Click page images below to read the PDF file) Page 2 A short video explaining the facts behind the Safety Warning:

USPP Arrests 2 In VA for Shots Fired in DC

Watch: After shots fired in DC late this morning #395cam shows #police following a U-Haul into VA before getting it stopped & making 2 arrests nr Glebe (out of view). More here- @ARLnowDOTcom @CordellTraffic @WTOPtraffic @WTOP @RealTimeNews10 @TomJackmanWP — Dave Statter (@STATter911) April 26, 2022

“NEW” 3D Gear Post Shows How the NPS Neglects its Law Enforcement Mission

A recent U. S. Park Police (USPP) Facebook post about a training class for its “new 3d forensic scanning equipment” demonstrates some forward progress by the department. What the post doesn’t tell you is not only is this scanning equipment “new,” it is the first 3d forensic scanning system the…Read More

U. S. Park Police Officers Responded to a Location in Floyd Bennett Field to Secure Potential Evidence in Subway Terror Attack

UPDATE: According to NBCNEWYORK.COM – “Four spent smoke grenades recovered from a Brooklyn airfield Wednesday appeared to have been set off by a group of teens and not the suspected Brooklyn subway shooter, two senior law enforcement officials said Thursday.” U. S. Park Police (USPP) Officers assigned to the Jamaica…Read More

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