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USPPFOP Chair went to the USPPFOP NY Office to support a ban on Migrant Camps in National Parks wanted by Rep. Malliotakis

Chairman Ken Spencer traveled to New York Monday to meet with USPP Management about the migrant camps slated to be in Fort Wadsworth and Floyd Bennett Field. Today, he attended a press conference Rep. Malliotakis (R-NY) held at the gates of Fort Wadsworth. Rep. Malliotakis and other New York elected…Read More

Rep. Malliotakis Wants NPS To Buy Proper Communications Gear for USPP Officers

USPPFOP NYFO Chief Steward Jonathan Chu provided evidence that convinced Representative Malliotakis to write the following letter demanding proper communications equipment for USPPFOP Members. The USPPFOP thanks Chief Steward Chu for his service to the membership. Chief Steward chu is being promoted to sergeant and can no longer serve as…Read More

Testimony Submitted to DOI Law Enforcement Task Force

On Tuesday, August 2, 2022, the USPPFOP submitted testimony to the United States Department of the Interior Law Enforcement Task Force. The document that was submitted can be viewed below. Click on any page image of the document to view the PDF file. While this testimony was submitted as a…Read More

Read PEER’s Testimony to the DOI Law Enforcement Task Force it Confirms the USPP is: Dangerously Understaffed – Poorly Equipped – Badly Led by the NPS

The testimony of the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) to the DOI Law Enforcement Task Force plainly states that there are serious problems with the Department's Law Enforcement Programs. A snippet: "Thus, between its cadre of national park rangers and USPP, NPS has a substantial law enforcement force that…Read More

Weekend Calls Again Swamp Severely Understaffed USPP – Two Lts Step Up to Fill Gap

Pretty much every USPP shift is short of minimum staffing. Saturday evening around 8:00 p.m. (July 17, 2022) in the United States Park Police East District in Washington, DC, there was a reported stabbing on the Suitland Parkway. Evidently, someone stabbed someone else in a vehicle traveling on the parkway.…Read More

See the Evidence of the National Park Service’s Decades-Long Neglect of USPP Operations

The following image is a link to a Timeline containing evidence of the National Park Service's (NPS's) reckless neglect of the United States Park Police's (USPP) operational readiness: CLICK IMAGE ABOVE OF TO VIEW THE TIMELINE A quick review the Timeline will reveal that understaffing and under-equipping the USPP is…Read More