U. S. Park Police Officers Responded to a Location in Floyd Bennett Field to Secure Potential Evidence in Subway Terror Attack

UPDATE: According to NBCNEWYORK.COM – “Four spent smoke grenades recovered from a Brooklyn airfield Wednesday appeared to have been set off by a group of teens and not the suspected Brooklyn subway shooter, two senior law enforcement officials said Thursday.”

U. S. Park Police (USPP) Officers assigned to the Jamaica Bay Unit of the USPP New York Field Office (NYFO) were sent to a location within Floyd Bennett Field to secure an area that potentially contained evidence relating to the activities of the Brooklyn Subway terrorist suspect. The USPP Officers responded, clearing the site and securing it as a crime scene after discovering potential evidence. The units advised the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, the NYPD Detective Bureau, the NYPD Bomb Squad, and the NYPD Emergency Services Unit of the situation and waited for their arrival. Here are news articles published concerning the investigation:



Floyd Bennett Field is part of the Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area, and is patrolled by the USPP. The USPP NYFO is dangerously understaffed, and has less than 50% of the officers needed to operate safely and effectively.

One of the many areas of Gateway National Recreation Area patrolled by the U.S. Park Police – New York Field Office