Rep. Hice Sends Letter to DOI Secretary Demanding Information and Action on USPP Safety Issues

Earlier today the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight (Minority) sent a letter to the Secretary of Interior “expressing serious concerns” about the Department’s management of the US Park Police. After summarizing the recent IG report on black mold and bird droppings in USPP facilities, the Committee wrote “it is outrageous that federal law enforcement professionals are subject to such conditions.”

The letter calls on Congress to adopt HR 3924, the US Park Police Modernization Act, and demands that the DOI provide Members of Congress with a briefing on staffing issues as well as all documents “regarding dilapidated facilities, outdated technology, and safety concerns for officer or the public caused by staffing shortages.”

Thank you, Rep. Hice for looking out for USPP Officers. Your backup is appreciated. PDF file of document below is three pages. (@JodyHice) #NPS #DOI