U. S. Park Police Fraternal Order of Police

USPPFOP Seeks Damages for Non-Payment of Wages to Officers Related to Gov’t Shutdown

On January 10, 2019 @ approximately 1646 (EST), USPPFOP attorneys filed a grievance to United States Park Police Chief Robert MacLean, and the United States Department of the Interior, on behalf of USPP Officers seeking damages for Non-Payment of Wages and Overtime Compensation during the Government Shutdown. The grievance seeks several kinds of relief, for example:


(c) Award USPP bargaining unit members, that are excepted from the furlough and classified as non-exempt from the FLSA’s overtime provisions monetary damages in the form of liquidated damages under the FLSA and CBA equal to the amount of overtime compensation that they should have been paid on the Scheduled Payday for work performed on or after December 22, 2018 (“double damages”); 

For additional details regarding the basis for the grievance and the additional reliefs being sought, please review the grievance attached below:


Shutdown 18/19: Ben Franklin’s Advice to the Certain

No one is perfect – all have faults -even Ben. Abigail Adams spoke to this when she wrote:

I am more and more convinced that Man is a dangerous creature, and that power whether vested in many or a few is ever grasping, and like the grave cries give, give. – ABIGAIL ADAMS, letter to John Adams, Nov. 27, 1775

Given the current political atmosphere we ask all who volunteered for the honor and privilege of leading our Nation read, “Benjamin Franklin’s Final Speech at the Constitutional Convention”. Additionally, we request that everyone consider increasing their efforts to achieve the highest ideals of our Nation’s founding and rededicate themselves to the never ending task of forming a more perfect Union.

Benjamin Franklin’s Final Speech in the Constitutional Convention
from the notes of James Madison
Delegate James Wilson read it to the convention for Benjamin Franklin

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National FOP Activities During Shutdown – Chuck Canterbury- National President

We will post updated information on the National FOP’s actions during the shutdown; as soon as possible. Here is the December 24, 2018 memo:


National FOP and IACP Press Release Prior to Shutdown-(12/21/18)