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NPS Neglect of US Park Police Causes Dangerous Pilot Shortage

The United States Park Police (USPP) is experiencing pilot shortages due to retirements that could soon reduce the availability of the critical lifesaving and law enforcement capabilities of the USPP Aviation Unit. The issue of replacing retiring pilots has been known and discussed within the USPP/NPS for 4 or more years. However, the severe USPP officer shortage, caused by the decades-long reckless neglect of USPP operational readiness by the National Park Service (NPS), prevented the development of a viable plan to have fully qualified officers ready to replace the retiring pilots.

Medevac after shooting during Congressional softball practice- June 2017

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No identifiable progress on the National Mall’s Physical Security Risks identified in​ July 2017 GAO Report

The United States Government Accountability Office issued this report in July of 2017:





The United States Park Police- Fraternal Order of Police has seen no signs of progress on correcting the National Mall’s “Physical Security Risks” that were identified in this report. The United States Park Police remains under-staffed and ill-equipped. Additionally, critical security issues are still being ignored at the Washington Monument and other DC monuments and memorials.



Evidence the United States Park Police is Understaffed

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NPS Neglects Law Enforcement Operational Readiness