Holding The Line – Increasingly Difficult

Understaffed and Under-Equipped

The United States Park Police (USPP) is understaffed and under equipped. The evidence of this is substantial but, the National Park Service (NPS) has recklessly ignored the evidence for decades. Their long-term neglect of the USPP’s operational readiness issues and an inability to grasp the current threat environment have resulted in a police force that cannot effectively patrol, investigate crimes, or respond to critical incidents. The NPS must be compelled to address these issues immediately, the safety of the public and some of our Nation’s most treasured cultural resources are at risk.
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USPPFOP By-Laws & 2017 Elections


The U. S. Park Police Fraternal Order of Police By-Laws are available for downloading on the usppfop.org website. This year there will be an Executive Board election. Any member considering running for an Executive Board position should become familiar with the by-laws because they control the operations of our organization.

The major change from the previous by-laws is that this year’s voting will be conducted by mail-in ballot through the U. S. Postal Service. There will no longer be voting at worksites. To run a ballot by mail election that complies with U. S. Department of Labor (DOL) union election regulations, the first step in the process is to assemble a verified membership mailing list. This must be done before mailing election-related announcements.

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