U. S. Park Police Fraternal Order of Police

Polar Bear Motorcycle Poker Run/Benefit Ride

Officers of the Park Police invite you to our:
Polar Bear Motorcycle Poker Run/Benefit Ride for Officer Brancato


When: Saturday, November 23, 2013
8:30 am Meet up and register
Where: US Park Police, District Two Parking Lot, Turkey Run Park, McLean, Va.
Enjoy a scenic, 120 mile ride along the Potomac River with five stops to draw your cards.
Ride ends at Growler’s Pub, in Olde Town Gaithersburg, Md at approximately 1PM.

This event is to raise money for Officer Billy Brancato and his family to help with some of the bills that they have accrued due to Billy’s in-the-line-of duty injury.
Officer Brancato was injured in January of 2012 while arresting a suspect who kicked Billy twice in the stomach resulting in permanent damage to Billy’s pancreas. Billy continues to undergo medical treatment and the end result is that his injury will complicate his life and health forever. Billy has been hospitalized numerous times since his injury and has had the usual difficulties with the Department of Labor in getting his medical bills paid. This year’s furloughs due to sequestration and during the government shutdown have not helped the Brancato’s financial situation. Billy’s wife, Megan (a public school teacher) and two children are struggling to keep up with their bills. Let’s get together for a day of fun riding and raise some money for a very worthy cause.

Cost: $50/Player (All proceeds going to The Brancato Family).
At each stop you have the option to return your card to the deck and draw a different card for only $5.
Prizes for the top hands at the ride’s conclusion.
50/50 lottery will also be held in conjunction with this event.

Don’t have a motorcycle or don’t like riding in cooler weather? We still need some volunteers to help out with logistics or if you just want to support the cause come out and join us in your car.

For additional information or to volunteer or just donate to the cause please contact:
US Park Police officers:
Ofc. Christina Evans (703) 627-2103
Ofc. Mike Brumbaugh (301) 529-3566

To donate via Paypal use Traveltheworld549@gmail.com.

Eagle Times Oct 2013

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Eagle Times October 2013 is now out.

Help An Injured USPP Officer & His Family

Recently USPP Officer Brancato was featured on WTOP regarding his furlough during the government shutdown.  Now many in the public believe that the Congress has passed a bill  to pay all the furloughed employees, but that will not go into effect until after the government shutdown is reversed.  Until then, furloughed employees go without pay, bills pile up, and benefits are not paid out.   At more risk are injured officers.  Injured in the line of duty,  officers are many times cut adrift in the bureaucratic system of worker’s compensation.   There are many accounts from officers about the government neglecting medical bills, resulting in debt collectors hounding the officers for bills that were never the officers’ responsibility.  These officers are trying to heal from injuries sustained in the line of duty but  are emotionally and financially injured again from apathy.


“My light duty status is more than understandable, I can’t risk the physical nature of being a police officer on the street right now, but I do serve a very important function for the Park Police as support with investigations and administrative things. I think that, had I been treated like the other officers and just left on the job, once I’d recovered out of the hospital I would have been able to go back to work and be a productive member of the force.”

Officer Brancato’s family and friends have set up a fundraiser site to not only help the family but families of fallen police officers.

From Officer Brancato’s Fundraiser Site:

A decorated U.S. Park Police Officer named William “Billy” Brancato was seriously and almost fatally injured in the line of duty in January 2012. While attempting to arrest a suspect, the suspect kicked him twice in the stomach and not only severely damaged his pancreas but also changed his life forever. Billy just finished his fourth hospitalization bringing the total time he has been in the hospital to just over 8 weeks in the past 20 months. He loves his job as a U.S. Park Police Officer and wants more than anything to be healthy in order to return to work.

During this last hospitalization his supervisors came to hospital. While Billy was in his hospital bed they served him furlough paperwork. He was heartbroken. He has given years of dedication to the U.S. Park Police and was severely and permanently injured protecting the public.  He is not thanked but instead for this profound hardship is furloughed. He has endured a nasogastric feeding tube for months, surgery, long hospitalizations, unimaginable pain, and a life forever changed with a markedly shorter life expectancy.

His family has fallen on hard times. His wife Megan, his 4 year old son, and 1 year old daughter depend on him as the rock of their household and even though he is now home from the hospital he is unable to provide for his family.

Billy and his family need your help. Megan is a public school teacher whose salary will not cover the family bills, especially with the increasing number of medical bills for Billy. They are donating half of all the money raised to Concerns of Police Survivors: COPS, an organization dedicated to assisting the families of fallen police officers.

Please help the Brancato family as they attempt to get Billy healthy and survive this difficult time. The love and help family, friends, and coworkers have provided is wonderful. They need your help now, please. Any amount can help them and help COPS. They are doing this in the hopes that no other officer has to experience these hardships in the future. Thank you very much.

If you have the ability and the heart, please visit Officer Brancato’s site and think about donating to support this deserving officer and his young family.


Officer Brancato and son


FOP Press Release on Navy Yard Shootings

*******  Press Release  ********


On behalf of the officers of the U.S. Park Police, I want to express our deepest and sincere condolences to the families of the Navy Yard shooting victims and our hope for a quick recovery for those injured in this horrific act of human depravity.

 On Monday, September 16, law enforcement officers from many agencies all across the District of Columbia came together to neutralize a threat against the public. U.S. Park Police, DC Metropolitan Police, Naval District Washington Police, FBI, ATFE, DEA, U.S. Marshals and others responded to the call of an active shooter. These officers and agents went in while the members of the public ran to safety. This was their job. They did it and they did it well.
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