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2015 Washington, DC USPPFOP Holiday Party

2015usppfopholidaypartyadult2015 USPP/FOP Holiday Party is Saturday December 19, 2015 from 1900-2300. Cost is $25 per person to include drinks and buffet — Location will be posted in worksites- (USPPFOP Members, Guests, USPP Retirees)

USPPFOP Annual Holiday Breakfast- DC


NPS Director Jarvis Needs To Meet With USPPFOP
















National Park Service (NPS), Director Jon Jarvis has not responded to multiple requests from the United States Park Police Fraternal Order of Police (USPPFOP) to meet to discuss the unsafe operational readiness of the U. S. Park Police (USPP). Due to the reckless neglect of the NPS, the USPP doesn’t have the staffing and equipment needed to effectively protect the “treasured icons” or respond to critical incidents. Please, if you have a way, respectfully request Director Jarvis to meet with the USPPFOP to hear the concerns of USPP officers.