Eagle Times – June 2014

Eagle Times June 2014

From Chairman Ian Glick,

Brothers and sisters we’re in a bad place, right now. Our biggest problem is our parent agency, the NPS. They are unwilling to fund our agency at a life-sustaining level. Our leaders in the U. S Park Police (USPP) and the National Park Service (NPS) frequently implement policies without consulting the law or common sense. We have many unanswered questions about how and why things are being done. Many times, USPP and NPS management are unable to factually justify their decisions or their positions on policies. Evidence of this is documented, in many recent decisions that overturned USPP/NPS management decisions/policies effecting USPP officers. Last week, I was forced to file a ULP over another work hours issue because management isn’t following the law, again. Inadequate responses to questions are one thing. The sad fact is that in many instances the USPP and NPS response to questions or requests is NO response.

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