USPPFOP meets with Rep. King

During June, we met with Congressman Peter King and his staff to discuss issues important to our members.

Right now, the bill of most importance is:

H.R.2294 – LEO Fair Retirement Act of 2017
(Authored by Rep. King)

This bill would, essentially, include overtime when computing pensions for LEAP participants.  We have asked to be included in this bill and Congressman King seemed receptive.

The FOP will be meeting with other members in both the House and Senate, to discuss their supporting this bill, getting it out of committee and on to the floor (in both houses) for a vote.

Congressman King has always been a supporter of law enforcement and has always been a friend to the U.S. Park Police, especially during our sequestration furloughs.

We will keep you informed of all of our meetings and we encourage you to write your representatives and ask for their support, as well.

Be safe, brothers and sisters!

– Ian Glick

U.S. Park Police Aviation Unit on patrol over the National Mall in Washington, DC. (Saturday evening, July 8, 2017) (AP Photo/J. David Ake)