Furlough Ends



Today, at 1 pm (EDT) the National Park Service (NPS) announced that furloughs for United States Park Police (USPP) employees will end on June 1. Citing overstated cost projections and cost cutting measures previously taken by the agency, combined with the 3 furlough days taken to date, the NPS found that the agency’s financial situation was such that furloughs would not be necessary beyond June 1.

While this is encouraging news to the members of the USPP FOP, it is important to point out that the agency is still understaffed, poorly funded and lacks financial control of its own operations. We look forward to continuing to bring public and congressional attention to the needs of our membership in protecting the public, as well as our historical and natural resources.


Ian Glick
U.S. Park Police

USPP FOP Press Release on the End of Furloughs
Press release – USPP furloughs